HomePond Safety & Maintenance rules

*NOTE:  It is impossible to make a rule to cover every thing that could go wrong.  Please do all you can to use good common sense to keep everyone as safe as possible.  The following are just a few guidelines that you may not have considered without prior experience at our place.



«  No mud fights

«  Please DO NOT climb on the waterfall, the rocks are loose and could fall on a finger or toe.

«  We have several Life Jackets up in the tower house.  You are welcome to use them, however we ask that you please HANG them up on the poles provided when done so that they can dry properly.

«  Please check the tower house before leaving to make sure all equipment borrowed has been put away properly.

«  Please carry garbage up to dumpster by the shop.



«  Do not run into other boats.

«  Don’t bang paddles on the boat or other things.

«  Stay out from under the zip line.

«  Please drain paddle boat periodically to keep it from swamping.

«  Please DO NOT sink the boats.

«  Please bring all boats back to the West shore when finished. Please drain them & tie canoes to the stakes on shore.

«  Please do not pull canoes all the way up onto the grass.  The sun will heat the bottom and burn the grass.


Zip line:

«  A person must be 80 lbs. or heavier to ride the zip line alone.

«  A carabineer MUST be attached every time you use the zip line. (If you drop without a carabineer, the pulley will jump the line and could fall on your head.  At the very least, it will fall to the bottom of the pond and be very hard to find.)

«  If you wish to drop, you must have someone your size, or larger, ride all the way to the end to keep the pulley from jumping the track.

«  No more than 3 people or 500 lbs. may be on the zip line at one time.

«  Non-swimmers need to wear life-jackets

«  Please return all pulley’s and straps back to the black box by the tower house door when finished.


Pole Swing:

If running down the hill to swing around on the rope, make sure you drop so that you don’t hit the pole at the end of your circle.