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*This is not an official Nikken graphic.   Also, I added the bottom foundation label for myself,

however it does not represent any official Nikken literature.

Nikken's official Website:  www.nikken.com

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Rebecca's Wellness Preview Power Point

Rebecca's Wellness preview w/o Joke

Power Point Disclaimer;

This power point is a modification of a Nikken Power Point, a PDF file labeled Dr. Gordon Pederson, and my own ideas.  Anyone is welcome to use it, however, I am constantly changing it as new products come out or as I discover new information that I think might improve it.

Wellness Preview Flip Chart from Power Point This is basically the same as the power point, only in a word document and without the lady at the front of the power point.
Nikken PiMag Water Experiment Experiment conducted by Dr. Chad Neilson of Twin Falls

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